I'm so proud to say I love you.

Dedicated to the master of magic, music and movement.

"I would like to be remembered as a person who came and brought light to the world, some escapism. Also as the voice for the voiceless children." ♥

no copyright infringment intended. used only for creative, informative & inspirational purposes.

"If Michael were a color, he would be not one color but all the colors. He represented so much for me. We were very close growing up and I remember nothing but good times. We were very, very close growing up. There were times when he was my teacher. There were times when he was my best friend. There were times when he was my brother. There were times when he was like a producer or a partner in writing. We’d sit and create songs together just for fun. We’d do fun, little, silly melodies that you never forget through your life. I remember that as kids – my brother Randy, Mike and me – we had many chores around the house. After dinner, we’d have to clean the kitchen. So we’d each take a job. I’d do the dishes; Mike would sweep the floor; Randy would be cleaning up all the center tops and that’s when we would create music. We’d create a song, melody. We’d create lyrics. We’d do three-part harmony. So it was fun. We made it fun. We just had nothing but good times." Janet Jackson

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